Are you looking to share a memorable experience with your partner? Whether you’re in a long-term relationship and wishing to reignite those initial flames of passion or you want to show a new partner just how much they mean to you, a sensual massage is a great way to increase intimacy and set the scene for romance. Featuring all-natural ingredients and a tantalizing vanilla scent, Liquid Love massage oil provides the perfect glide for any sensual massage. Treat your special someone to full-body relaxation by ordering a bottle of Belka’s best-selling massage oil, Liquid Love, today.

What Is Sensual Massage?

Sensual massage is a safe, meaningful way to experience comfort, health, and pleasure with your loved one. It is an act of empowerment on the part of the masseuse and self-care on the part of the recipient. In a sensual massage, the recipient may be draped, nude, or partially clothed, depending on their consent and comfort level. They may elect to have their whole body massaged or simply certain areas, such as their back. Although a sensual massage may involve touching certain erogenous areas of the body, such as the breasts, it is not to be confused with an erotic massage, which has a specific aim in mind. The goal of a sensual massage is simply to exalt in bodily awareness and joy. 

For many people, a sensual massage can help increase awareness of what kind of touch feels best to them. They learn to express their desires and boundaries, and determine the pace and pressure of touch on their bodies. Instead of focusing entirely on taking care of someone else, they allow themselves to learn to receive pleasure unconditionally. When you experience a sensual massage, you learn to treat yourself as a holistic, sensual being, helping you and your lover achieve profound states of connection and inner peace.

Benefits of Sensual Massage

Giving and/or receiving a sensual massage has many benefits for both the individuals and the couple as a whole. These benefits may include:

  • Experience greater intimacy
  • Relieve pain naturally
  • Get to know your body
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Learn how to practice self-care
  • Learn to embrace feelings of love and affection
  • Let go of feelings of control
  • Increase libido
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Relieve anxiety and stress
  • Reestablish trust

To experience all the amazing benefits of sensual massage for yourself, order a bottle of Liquid Love massage oil today. Our moisturizing body oil helps nourish skin, hair, and nails, and may even help improve stress-related conditions such as insomnia. Featuring all-natural vanilla essential oil and a fast-absorbing, weightless formula that will never leave skin feeling tacky, Liquid Love is the organic massage oil that you need to experience all that sensual massage has to offer.



How to Give a Sensual Massage

There is no one way to give a sensual massage. The most important things to remember isto always establish consent and boundaries, and to focus on what feels best for both partners. Below, we’ll share some basic steps for how to give a sensual massage, including tools and techniques, but keep in mind that these are guidelines, not rules.

1. Set the Mood: Before beginning your massage, it is important to create a romantic atmosphere. Make sure that the room is warm enough that your partner won’t be cold, and get rid of any distractions, such as phones. You will want to dim the lights. If this is not possible, turn them off completely and light some candles, ensuring that you have enough light to see what you are doing. Put on some romantic, relaxing music or natural sounds in the background, such as classical music or spa music.

2. Preparation: It is important that you and your partner are as comfortable physically and mentally as possible. Find a surface that is comfortable for both of you. Ideally, this would be a professional massage table with a head cradle, so that you don’t hurt your back. Massage tables have become increasingly inexpensive online, and there are even many portable options. If a massage table is not feasible, a bed or even a floor covered with sheets and blankets will do. 

Your lover will now want to get on the surface face-down. They may be dressed or undressed, according to their comfort level. Put a pillow underneath your lover’s ankles to give them support, and remember to move it underneath their knees when they are on their back. Next, it’s time to apply some massage oil.

Choosing a high-quality massage oil is essential for reducing friction and improving glide. You will want to select a body oil that contains all-natural ingredients in order to avoid. Some ingredients to watch out for are parabens (methyl, butyl, ethyl, propyl), aluminum, sodium lauryl sulfate, and synthetic fragrances. In addition to possibly causing allergic reactions or overdrying skin, these ingredients may also contain harmful carcinogens that can actually impact long-term health. 

Liquid Love organic body oil is the perfect complement for both at-home massages and massages in a professional body work studio. Made from 100% organic ingredients, including an arousing vanilla essential oil, Liquid Love is the safe, satisfying massage oil you need to treat your partner right.

The first step to applying the body oil is to pour some of it into your hands. We recommend beginning with a teaspoon, which is roughly the size of a quarter. Rub your palms together to warm up the oil and place your hands on your lover’s back to signify that the massage is beginning. Spread the oil down their back, beginning with the base of the spine and moving upwards to the neck and shoulder (make sure to not apply pressure to the spine directly, as this can cause pain or even injury). 

3. Start With the Back: Starting out with a light touch (remember — your goal is to arouse, not to bruise!) massage the back with long, easy strokes. Position yourself behind your partner’s head and stroke downwards and up their sides. You can work on any knots you notice by gradually increasing pressure, but not so much as to hurt them. If you have ever kneaded dough, then you will be familiar with how to do this. To knead, use both palms and wrists to grasp and lift the muscles, incorporating semi-circular motions for extra manipulation. Alternate from one hand to the other, keeping your wrists relatively straight and your movements rhythmic. 

When done kneading, you may want to try fanning. This technique begins with laying both hands flat, fingers together, moving slowly across a targeted muscle while the other hand immediately follows, moving progressively up or down the back. If you find you need to apply additional pressure, try folding your fingers at the knuckles, making sure to always check in with your partner to ensure that they are comfortable. To see the fanning technique in action, check out this video.

 4: Move on to the Neck and Shoulders: We hold a lot of tension in our neck and shoulders, so it is important to give these areas some extra love. Again, you’ll want to begin by kneading, this time using your thumb and forefinger to softly press into the muscles. Pay special attention to any knots and pressure points your partner is especially responding to, and remember to follow the flow of the muscles, not against it. You may need to apply some more massage oil at this point, so drop another teaspoon of Liquid Love into your palms and rub them together.

By now, you’ll begin to notice that you’re becoming more attuned to your lover’s body and starting to understand where they hold most of their tension. These areas may require some extra pressure. If so, simply place one palm down and put the other on top, again checking in with your partner to ensure that you are not causing them any pain. You can also apply pressure using just your thumbs. Continue to do this until you feel the knots in their neck and shoulders breaking apart. Another trick is to use a tennis ball by rolling it gently but firmly across their shoulders.

5. Massage Wherever Else They Are Comfortable: Many people like to start with the back, move to the neck and shoulders, and then finish with the feet. However, you may want to also massage the inside of the elbows and knees, the fingers (who doesn’t love a hand massage?), and any other erogenous zones. The term “erogenous zone” applies to both genders and simply refers to any part of the body that experiences heightened sensitivity and/or arousal when touched. There are far more erogenous zones on the body than many people realize.

Some not-so-obvious examples include:

  • Scalp: Even the slightest brush of hair can send tingles through many people’s bodies. Run your fingertips lightly over your partner’s scalp, paying special attention to the space behind the ears and just above the back of the neck. If your lover likes, try adding slight pressure in circular motions, and feel their body melt inside your hands. 
  • Ears: The ears contain hundreds of sensory receptors. If your lover is comfortable, try lightly kissing, licking or even nibbling their earlobes. You may also want to massage them gently using the pads of your fingers instead of your fingertips, which can feel pointy and scratchy. Add some Liquid Love for an extra slide. 
  • The balls of the feet: Some people love having their feet touched, while others find it unpleasant. Check in with your partner and, if they are comfortable, twist your knuckles around the ball of their foot with the foot stretched back. Go slowly.
  • Middle of the forehead: Also known as the “third eye,” the middle of the forehead is a popular pressure point. Add slight pressure with your thumb for 60 seconds to help relieve tension and stress.
  • The calves and Achilles tendon: Slide all 10 fingers down your partner’s calves, into the back of their heels. Go slowly, then pick up speed to allow the energy to start flowing beneath the surface. 
  • Inner wrist: The inner wrist doesn’t see a lot of action, even though it’s highly sensitive. Caress the skin in this area with your fingertips or graze the skin with your lips and tip of your tongue to really set the mood.
  • Tips for a Great Sensual Massage

    Communicate, communicate, communicate!:We’ve said it before, but it’s so important to check in with your partner and make sure that they are comfortable and feeling good. A sensual massage is a great opportunity to learn how to better communicate with your partner. It allows you to tell them what you like, and set boundaries for what you don’t. Take advantage of the experience to develop skills that will come in handy even after the massage is over.

    Get on top: If your lover is comfortable with it, you may straddle their back for part or all of the massage, sitting on the buttocks. Before you start, give them a gentle peck on the back of their neck.

    So fresh and so clean: Make sure to clean the room where you plan to give the massage beforehand. There’s nothing like clutter to instantly stress someone out. You both might also want to bathe beforehand, to ensure that you are both smooth and fresh.. For an extra touch of sensuality, hop in the bath or shower together! 

    Remember to breathe: Paying attention to the breath is an important part of any massage, for both the recipient and the masseuse. Breathing helps facilitate relaxation and a sense of connection. It can also help prevent pain in areas where your partner is particularly sensitive. Advise them to breathe in with the pressure to avoid any discomfort. 

    Drink water afterwards: If you’ve ever had a massage before, then you know that one of the most common pieces of advice is to hydrate afterwards. This is because drinking water can help reduce soreness the next day and flush away toxins, such as alcohol, nicotine, and chemicals from food.

    Wear something sexy, if you want: Your partner isn’t the only one who needs to feel comfortable during a massage. It’s important that the masseuse feels their best as well. That means different things for different people. For some, they may feel sexiest in a t-shirt and jeans. For others, racy lingerie may get their blood flowing. Still others might enjoy wearing nothing at all! The choice is up to you to dress how you feel best.

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