While our Liquid Love body oil is perfect for professional masseuses, it also makes for the ideal complement to any home massage. The therapeutic practice of massage has a wealth of physical and mental health benefits, such as relieving muscle pain, improving circulation, and reducing overall stress. Thankfully, you don’t have to be wealthy to experience all that massage has to offer. With our affordable, effective, and bestselling Liquid Love massage oil, you can experience all the benefits of a back massage from the comfort of your own home. 

If you’ve never given a back massage before, it may seem intimidating. Don’t worry! Belka is here to provide you with some helpful tips to make your first massage memorable.

Buy a High-Quality Massage Oil

Before you even think about giving a massage, you need to invest in some premium massage oil. Massage oil reduces friction, thereby improving glide. If you’ve ever received an oil-less massage before, you know how painful it can be. Your aim is to create a soothing, therapeutic experience for whoever is receiving the massage, and a high-quality massage oil can make all the difference. 

There are a few things you will want to make sure to avoid when purchasing body oil. First of all, make sure that the oil contains organic, all-natural ingredients in order to prevent adverse reactions. Some ingredients to watch out for are parabens (methyl, butyl, ethyl, propyl), aluminum, sodium lauryl sulfate, and synthetic fragrances. Apart from leading to possible allergic reactions, these ingredients can either overdry skin, or leave it feeling greasy. They could also harm your long-term health, as they may contain harmful carcinogens. 

Liquid Love is your go-to body oil for the perfect home massage. Our professional-quality massage oil is made from 100% organic ingredients, including a natural vanilla fragrance that our customers love. Our weightless and fast-absorbing formula provides the perfect glide, allowing for full-body rejuvenation. Liquid Love can even help improve your nails and hair. We believe that a lifetime of healthy skin begins with choosing the right body products. Order a bottle of Liquid Love body oil today and give an unforgettable home massage. 

Set the Scene

The next step is to set the scene. Choose a location for your massage that is comfortable, and removed from any outside noises or distractions. For the perfect home massage, you will probably want to invest in a massage table that features comfortable padding and a face bracket. While massage tables have become much less costly over the years, we understand that many people still cannot afford this expense. Don’t worry! You can also give a home massage on the floor, a couch, a bed, or even a sturdy kitchen table.

Next, you will want to prepare the room. Dim the lights and put on some relaxing, wordless music to help put whoever is receiving the massage at ease. You can also provide some scented candles for some extra aromatherapy. Choose a relaxing scent, such as lavender, vanilla, or jasmine. Adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature.

Have the person undress to his or her level of comfort, which, of course, will depend on your relationship. Provide a towel or sheet to cover parts of the body that are not being massaged. This will keep them both comfortable and warm, so that they can fully relax. 

Begin With Effleurage

Pour some of the body oil into your hands. We recommend beginning with about a teaspoon, which is roughly the size of a quarter. Rub your palms together to warm the oil up a bit. Place your hands on the person’s shoulder to signify that the massage is beginning. Spread the oil down their back, beginning with the lower back and moving upwards in long, even strokes. Gradually increase from light to medium pressure over 3-5 minutes. The technical term for this process is “effleurage.” Don’t forget to oil the neck and shoulders. To see effleurage in action, check out this video.

Use Petrissage

This technique uses short, circular strokes and medium pressure. It is applied with the palms, fingertips, or knuckles; we recommend trying all three! The term “petrissage” comes from the French word for kneading, so imagine that you are working with dough. Go across the entire back for 2-5 minutes. For petrissage techniques and variations, watch this video.

Apply Tapotement

Tapotement involves rapid, repetitive contacts with parts of the hand, called “percussive strokes.” You can use your cupped hands, fingertips all gathered together, or the flat of your fingers on the knuckle side. Keep your wrists relaxed, and avoid applying too much pressure. Tapotement helps “wake up” the nervous system by stimulating tissue. Use this technique for 2-3 minutes. To see tapotement in action, check out this video.

Use a Fanning Technique

Fanning manipulates tension away from muscles. To try fanning, first position yourself at the head of the table, and put your thumbs at the top of the back, below the neck and on either side of the spine. Gradually push down toward the lower back, making sure to alternate pressure between your thumbs. Make sure that you are applying pressure on the sides of the spine, not the spine itself. Directly massaging the spine can be very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous..

Finish With Twists

Return to the person’s sides, and reach around the far hip with one hand while the other pushes in the opposite direction. Move upwards until you reach the shoulders, then gradually come back down again. Repeat this three times. This will help energize the person, so they can emerge from their massage feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. .


Whether you’re giving a back massage to your significant other, friend, family member, or anyone else you care about, these techniques are sure to give them an unforgettable therapeutic experience. 

For professional-quality, all-natural massage oil that you can rely on, turn to Liquid Love. Our customers swear by our weightless, fast-absorbing formula, which will never leave you feeling sticky or greasy. If you want to feel great inside and out, buy our Liquid Love body oil today!