Post-Massage Care

There’s no feeling like the high that comes with receiving a massage. For millennia, cultures all around the world have recognized the many physical and mental health benefits that come from massage, including a one-of-a-kind sensation of full-body relaxation. Equally strong to the feeling of relief, however, is the feeling of frustration that can arise when your tension returns. This begs the question of what you can do to make that post-massage high last, and how you can help sustain your massage’s many other benefits, as well. 

In this blog post, we explore five tips for post-massage care to help you get the most out of your massage. Post-treatment care can make the difference between short- and long-lasting relief, so it’s important to try to remember these steps after your next massage. 

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Stay Hydrated

If you’ve ever gotten a professional massage, then you’ve probably heard this before; it’s essential to drink water after your treatment. Massage increases your blood circulation and hydrates your muscle tissues, giving you those “wow” moments where toxins are released. In order to fully flush these toxins out of your body, it is essential to drink water.

Think of water as the Drano our bodies need to get rid of the lactic acid and metabolic waste that cause those painful muscle knots. Dehydrated muscles search for moisture anywhere they can find it, including other muscle tissue, if no other water is to be found. Drinking water encourages any toxins that have been released during your massage to travel towards your kidneys and get eliminated from your body. In addition to drinking lots of water, make sure that for the first few hours after a massage you avoid caffeine and alcohol, both of which are dehydrating.

Engage in Light Stretching

After a massage, it’s important to avoid strenuous activity, such as hiking or running. Instead, opt for some light stretching or yoga to break up the adhesions on your muscles and realign your muscle fibers. This will promote muscle recovery and help to train your nervous system. Believe it or not, your nervous system is actually the main determinant of your body’s range of motion, so treating it well after a massage can not only prevent stiffness and soreness later, but also increase flexibility long-term. 

One move we especially recommend is the cat-cow yoga pose, in which you get on all fours and inhale while dropping your belly (cow pose) then exhale slowly while lifting the middle of your back towards the sky (cat pose). Repeat this three to five times before returning to a neutral spine for maximum benefits. 

Have a Bath

Having a bath or even just a shower after a massage can promote rest and relaxation. Additionally, warm water can help stimulate the immune system, decrease the production of stress hormones, and improve circulation and digestion. All of this will prolong the massage’s stress-relieving benefits and help give you greater muscle recovery and quality of sleep. Make sure your bath is warm, but not extra hot, because a super hot bath can actually increase inflammation.

For an extra treat, you might want to add some Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) to your bath for extra relief of any remaining aches and pains. Epsom salts work by opening up your blood vessels and increasing circulation. All of this amounts to an amazing post-massage experience. If you’ve just engaged in a sensual massage, consider asking your partner to enjoy it with you, and prolong that sense of renewed intimacy.

Have a Mindful Meal 

You might feel a little light-headed after a massage, which may be the result of not eating. Follow your body’s natural cues and opt for a little nutritious refueling. Avoid heavy meals, as this can actually hinder digestion and make you feel bloated and sluggish. Instead, eat something light, such as a salad or clear soup, to help you reenergize. You might even want to consider bringing a healthy snack, like a banana or a handful or raw almonds, to your next massage to enjoy after your treatment. 

If you’ve just shared a sensual massage with your partner, turn your post-treatment meal into something the both of you can enjoy by making a healthy romantic dinner, such as salmon with a citrus glaze, a caprese salad, or some couscous. 


This one’s pretty straightforward. Remember those toxins we talked about earlier? Well, they’ve got to be released somewhere. Make sure to urinate after your massage to flush lactic acid and metabolic waste out of your kidneys, then replenish yourself with some water to keep the detoxification going.

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