Perfect Occasions for a Massage

Whether you’re new to the art of massage of a professional massage therapist, you probably know of the many physical and mental benefits of this age-old practice. At Belka, we believe that there’s no better way to show someone special just how much they mean to you than with the gift of a massage. In this blog post, we share five perfect occasions for a massage. From special events to everyday surprises, massages are a welcome relief any time of the year. 

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At Liquid Love, we specialize in helping lovers provide the ultimate at-home sensual massage, and we can’t think of a more romantic occasion than an anniversary. Whether you’re celebrating the date of your wedding or simply the day you first got together, anniversaries are rife with opportunities for intimacy. Make this year’s anniversary the best one yet with the soothing, sensual power of Liquid Love

Valentine’s Day

Another great occasion for perfecting your DIY massage is Valentine’s Day. Chocolate and flowers are so last year, so why not try something new with a sensual, spine-tingling massage? With Liquid Love, you can ignite every one of your lover’s senses and surprise them while impressing them with your new massage skills.

Baby Shower

Whether it’s your partner who’s pregnant, a family member, or a friend, there’s no better way to help an expectant mother relax than with a luxurious prenatal massage. Prenatal massages can help reduce back and joint pain, while improving oxygenation of soft tissues and encouraging better sleep. Because prenatal massages require specialized training, we recommend booking one at a professional massage studio rather than attempting it at home. 

Mother’s Day

Mothers work hard every day of the year, so it’s important to provide them with a welcome respite on their own special holiday. Whether you’re celebrating your own mother, grandmother, or the mother of your children, a massage can help melt away the strains and pains of daily living. The lucky mother is sure to return from their massage feeling relieved, reenergized, and loved.

Bachelorette/Bachelor Party

Bachelorette and bachelor parties are no longer just about getting drunk and wearing genital-shaped necklaces (though that can still be fun, too!). More and more brides — and husbands-to-be — are now opting for wellness retreats, where they can enjoy some time away from the stress of having to plan a wedding and wondering what comes after. Massages make a great gift for each fiance(e) to give to the other, or for a best man/maid of honor to give to their betrothed friend as a way to relax before the big day. 

Make Every Day a Celebration With Liquid Love!

When it comes down to it, there’s no wrong time to give the gift of an unforgettable massage with Liquid Love all-natural body oil! Order a bottle or value three-lpack today experience the Liquid Love difference for yourself.