5 Great Books on Sensual Massage

At Belka, we know that there’s nothing like a sensual massage with your partner to help increase intimacy and relieve anxiety and stress. That’s why we created Liquid Love, our best-selling organic massage oil, made with hand-selected sunflowers and vanilla essential oil to soothe, nourish, and seduce. 

If you’re new to the art of sensual massage, check out our guide to sensual massage for detailed instructions and tips on providing your partner with the ultimate seductive experience. Still feeling overwhelmed? In this blog post, we share five great books about sensual massage to give you even more guidance on how to perfect this transformative practice. 

The Art of Sensual Massage Book and DVD Set: 40th Anniversary Edition

by Gordon Inkeles and Robert Foothorap

For nearly half a century, The Art of Sensual Massage has been considered the definitive guide to sensual and erotic massage. This special 40th anniversary edition has been edited and updated for the 21st century, and includes hundreds of stunning photos to exemplify different techniques. It also includes The Art of Sensual Massage movie, which has been played at international film festivals, including Cannes. The DVD features stroke-by-stroke instructions to show you exactly how to make your partner melt beneath your hands. Please be aware that this book and DVD contain nudity. 

Couple's Massage Handbook: Deepen Your Relationship with the Healing Power of Touch 

by Helen Hodgson and Frank Steele

Explore the healing power of touch with this best-selling sensual massage book from celebrity massage therapist Helen Hodgson. The Couple’s Massage Handbook covers everything you need to give your lover a mind-blowing massage, from setting the mood, to performing proper techniques, to staying mindful during the experience. Everything is organized in an intuitive sequence so that readers can follow along with ease. Deepen your relationship and experience full-body relaxation by ordering the Couple’s Massage Handbook today!

Connecting Through Touch: The Couples' Massage Book 

by Peggy Morrison Horan

In this step-by-step guide, Peggy Morrison Horan, a founding member of the massage program at the famed Esalen Institute, shows couples exactly how to connect through a sensual and restorative massage exchange. In addition to including clear, easy-to-follow instructions on various techniques and sequences, she explores the many benefits of sensual massage, including enhanced communication, reduced stress and tension, and increased joy. The book is illustrated with black-and-white photographs to make every step as clear as possible. This elegant, sophisticated guide is perfect for couples looking for a refined approach to massage.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sensual Massage

by Patti Britton and Helen Hodgson

If you’re totally lost when it comes to sensual massage, then this book is a good place to start. Fully illustrated and easy to understand, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sensual Massage includes step-by-step techniques for giving a massage, and explores topics such as intimacy, communication, and gratification, as well as how to create the perfect ambiance for an at-home massage. It also covers erogenous zones on the human body (besides the obvious ones!) and how to stimulate them. Order today to discover how sensual massage can enhance your relationship and revitalize your body. 

The Complete Guide to Modern Massage: Step-by-Step Massage Basics and Techniques from Around the World 

by Ryan Jay Hoyme 

While not specifically focused on sensual massage, The Complete Guide to Modern Massage is the definitive book for anyone curious about what the expansive, ancient art of massage has to offer. This step-by-step guide explores different massage techniques from all across the globe, as well as the physical and mental health benefits of massage. Straightforward and exciting, The Complete Guide to Modern Massage is great for beginners and professional massage therapists alike in its breadth of knowledge and beautiful illustrations. Massages covered include partner massage, prenatal massage, baby massage, senior massage, and more. Coupled with a bottle of our luxurious Liquid Love massage oil, this would make the perfect anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift. 

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